About Parallel Threading System

ACI 318-95 Clause
A full mechanical connection shall develop in tension or compression, as required, at least 125 % of specified yield strength of the steel bar.

BS 8110 pt: 1997 Clause
The only form of full strength butt joint for a bar in tension comprises a mechanical coupler satisfying the following criteria.
  • When a test is made of a representative gauge length assembly comprising reinforcement of the size, grade and profile to be used, and the coupler of a precise type to be used, the permanent Elongation after loading to 0.6 fy should not exceed 0.1 mm.

  • The tensile strength of the coupled bar should be
    For Grade 250 >= (287.5)N/mm2
    For Grade 460A >= (483)N/mm2, and
    For Grade 460 >= (497)N/mm2
  • Full Tension splice. Bar break under tensile load.
  • No Torque wrenching required, Easy to install.
  • Bar Cross section area is not reduced.
  • Manufactured under strict quality assurance.

Bar Dia Parallel threaded Crimped
MM Thread Size Length OD Length OD
16 M 19 X 2.0 38 24 125 30
20 M 23 X 2.5 48 33 125 35
25 M 29 X 3.0 60 40 150 45
28 M 32 X 3.0 68 46 175 50
32 M 36 X 3.0 76 50 200 55
36 M 40 X 3.5 86 58 250 58
40 M 42 X 3.5 96 64 300 63

  • Increase tensile and compressive capacity of columns, long columns and long beams where the designed tensile loading are greater than normal situations. Tension couplers is so far the best solution for tension columns and tension piles.
  • Eliminates congestion of steel bars in heavily reinforced columns and core wall of building. Thus reducing formation of "honeycomb" in concrete structures.
  • Speedier concrete casting,as bigger space between reinforcements facilitates easier flow of concrete.
  • Reduces cost and increases speed of slip and jump form work system in the construction of core walls and towers.
  • Avoids strains, corrosion and breakage of starter bars left for future extension of building and bridges.
  • For construction of structure like bridges in traffic congested area where structure could be constructed in stages to allow constant flow of traffic.
  • Provide connections for starter bars for underground slab and beams in the construction of diaphragm wall to prevent breakage of precast starter bars during the process of bending up to avoid tedious concrete hacking.
  • Where spacing between bars is insufficient to allow for lapping, e.g. in construction of mircopiles.
  • Reduces size of concrete section and ensures maximum usage of expensive floor space in office towers.
  • Where a full tension splice is required, e.g. in connecting precast members to cast-in-site members.
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